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Bodrum boat trip is the perfect option for you if you would like to spend the hours of your summer vacation away from the people, noise, negativity, stress and dynamism; since we will be sailing to the blue paradises of Bodrum

With the ones that you love, you will visit the wonders of nature that consist of a glass-like sea, shining sands and green landscape.

From beginning to end, without getting tired or bored, you will be having a professional service that will suit your needs and desires, provided by us.

Therefore, to diversify your sweet break of the current life, we would like to invite you for joining us by booking our boat trip in Bodrum. Of course, we will give detailed information about the program to make you convinced!


What is included?

Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal expenses
All beverages

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes


A Relax Day Out with Boat Trips in Bodrum 

Before getting into the details of the route, we will provide information about the preparation session.

  • Firstly, even if there will be special parts of the boat that provides shadow, to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays, you should bring your sunglasses, sun cream and hat with you; addition to your towel and swimsuit.
  • And lastly, we will observe spectacular scenes; thus, make sure that you have your camera.

We will pick you up from your hotel in Bodrum by our fully-equipped, comfortable and elegant vehicle in order to start our Bodrum boat trip.

Then, we will drive until we reach to the port from where our boat will depart.

You will come aboard and meet the professional crew including the captain.

Then, when everyone is ready, a member of the crew will give information about the tour and the things that you should care for; then, we will start sailing.

Aquarium Bay – The first stop of our boat trip

As its name signifies, the sea is unpolluted, and that is why, you will be able to see how beautifully the sea deepens with your own eyes.

To help you to freshen your body, the first swimming break will be given in there; thus, you will be completely free to dive into the shades of blue.

Of course, you can also stay aboard to sunbath and sip a beverage while observing the matchless beauty of that particular scene.

Black Island (Karaada)

Then, we will sail to the second stop of boat tour: Black Island.

It is the most unique point in the entire route, since Black Island is famous for its natural thermal waters that includes minerals which is very beneficial for the skin.

By paying for an entry fee, you will be able to improve the health and beauty of your skin by swimming into these hot-water pools. Or, you can simply swim into the sea or lie on the sunbeds.

The Lunch 

After returning to the boat, we will serve you a delicious lunch which will consist of the grilled chicken, a fresh salad, rice or pasta; and the taste, scent and look of them will whet your appetite.

After we refill our energy bar, we will head to the next stop to spend it effectively!

Rabbit Island

We will sail until Rabbit Island becomes visible from the deck. Then, you will be capable of mixing to the fresh and unpolluted waters of Mediterranean Sea to the accompaniment of a wonderful island view.

If you are lucky enough, you may even see the rabbits hopping around. Therefore, we highly recommend you to open your eyes widely!

Camel Beach

As the last stop of our boat trip, we will visit one of the most popular tourist attractions of Bodrum: Camel Beach.

What makes there so popular is its shallow and warm sea which is very suitable for the families with children.

If you prefer to experience this, you can swim towards the shore and enjoy joining the crowd; or, you can stay at the deep parts of the sea.

Moreover, along the beach, you can purchase a camel safari tour if you seek for new adventures!

When the time is up, we will come aboard for the last time, and we will sail to the harbor from where we have departed. In there, you will say goodbye to the crew, and we will take you to your hotel by our vehicle; then, the spoiling Bodrum lazy day boat trip will end successfully.

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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