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Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour

By signing up for our Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour, you can easily visit the “Maldives of Bodrum”.

And this visit will make you connect with the nature, enjoy delightful swimming sessions and find ultimate peace.

This natural “orak” (means “sickle” in English) that floats on the surface of Mediterranean Sea will provide you with incredible moments.

To make you more excited, let us tell you the slopes of this island is covered with olive trees. And the water that surrounds it is sparkling and turquoise.

Yes, get your eyes ready for a true feast!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Guiding Service
Full Insurance
Tea & Fruit Serving

What is not included?

Personal expenses
All beverages

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Comfortable Shoes


Prepare Yourself Perfectly

Before giving the details of the places that we will visit during Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour we would like to help you about the preparation session. By following some tips below, you can prepare your bag perfectly.

  • First of all, to protect yourself from the harmful effects of sun rays, please do not forget to take protective items. They are sun creams, hats and sunglasses. Even if you can choose to stay in the shady parts of our boat, we will somehow be outdoors, under the sun.
  • Even if you do not plan to swim, we strongly recommend you to bring your swimsuit and towel: Your opinion will definitely change when you see that blue color in the sea!
  • And lastly, we suggest you to get your camera ready: You will witness beautiful views and moments that are worth immortalizing!

The Magnificent Bays on Our Route

We will visit the gifts of Mother Nature for 7 hours. Now, it is time to learn them better…

  • German Bay

One of the most popular stops of boat trips in Bodrum, German Bay (Alman Koyu) has a special place.

The sea that surrounds this bay is peaceful and pure.

Even if it is a little bit cold, it is perfect for a “freshening” start!

You can stay on the deck and enjoy the view, or dive into the refreshing waters and feel the chills!

By the way, at the noon, we will enjoy a delightful lunch.

  • Orak Island Bay (2 hours swimming break)

This stop is the core of our entire route. That is why, we will give you 2 hours to spend freely!

If you would like to experience swimming in a very large aquarium, you can enjoy your time in the sea here:

The baby-blue tones in the shades of waters will create an amazing atmosphere. Of course, this will make your time in the waters very enjoyable.

Delicate white sands that cover the shores and the depths will offer you a smooth welcome! And you will never want to say goodbye…

  • Red Nose

After enjoying the swimming session, we will head to Red Nose.

While pleasing our eyes with the contrast of blue and grey (of the rocks), we will be breathing fresh air and find the peace in the nature.

  • Rabbit’s Nose

And lastly, we will visit a bay called “Tavşan Burnu” which can be translated as “Rabbit’s Nose”.

The turquoise waters, purity and landscape will strike you at the first sight!

And swimming here will make you ease the stress, negativity and tiredness…

In short, until we get to the harbor at 6 pm, we will enjoy the waters, sun and sands to the fullest!

Come Aboard

If you like the content of our Bodrum Orak Island Boat Tour, you can easily book this program online, as all Bodrum tours that we arrange.

And if you have some questions in your mind, you can contact us 7/24: We will gladly help you!

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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