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Bodrum quad safari is a gateway to the paradises in Bodrum for the adrenaline seekers; and we arrange the best quad safari in Bodrum for them.

If you consider yourself as a member of this group, we are glad to meet you, since we are sure that we will provide you a satisfying program which is full of breathtaking views and high-level of thrill, as you would like to have.

Along a long path, you will be hopping on the natural obstacles of the valuable terrains of the region, and even only this will be enough for giving goosebumps to you.

Of course, there will be much more than you could ever expected; and if you are curious and excited already, you should read the following paragraphs in order to learn about the entire program of quad safari.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Guiding Services
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Expenditure
Photo & DVD

What to bring with you?

Sun Creams
Spare Clothes
Comfortable Shoes or Sneakers

Quad Bike Safari Tour in Bodrum

For a special program as a Bodrum quad safari, you should prepare your bag perfectly; and we will help you by giving some tips about it.

First of all, we suggest you to wear comfortable and dispensable clothes and shoes before coming to the field since you will be covered with mud during the tour.

Secondly, you should make sure that you bring extra clothes, a mask to cover your mouth (preferably), a hat, sun cream and sunglasses with you.

Thirdly, during the safari, you should protect your electronic machines from the water and mud.

Lastly, as a note, children under 14 years old can only ride the same bike with their parents. However, the adults who can ride it on their own do not need a special license.

To start the program, we will pick you up from your hotel in the morning, by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle.

After a while, we will arrive to the field in where the safari will begin.

Before the Tour

In the field, you will be welcomed warmly by the professional and licensed instructors who will inform you about the safety procedures, the route, the destination, how to use the equipment and how to ride the buggy effectively.

Of course, since our priority is your safety, until everything is clear, you can ask endless questions to them.

Moreover, before the real journey, you will have a training part in a related field to sharpen your skills.

As soon as you feel ready, you will take the roads!

During Bodrum Quad Safari

By riding in the pine forests, on the valuable lands, over the rivers and puddles of muds you will attach yourself to the nature.

Along the way, matchless spectacular scenes, delightful scents of the flowers, the warm touch of the sun all over your skin, the peaceful wind and the fresh air will be your companion.

The contrast between a strong-engine machine and the delicate nature double the joy and excitement.

To have a chance for exploring the hidden treasures of beautiful Mugla while being the conqueror of the dusty paths will create remarkable moments that you will never forget until the eternity.

While you are enjoying the breathtaking hours on the roads as getting into the waters and muds, the instructors will be always there for you in the first part, until you are fully ready to ride it on your own later.

Also, during the session, there will be a professional photographer to take your photos and videos in which you will seem like a perfect rider; and, when the activity is over, you will be able to purchase them if you like.


The End of Quad Bike Safari 

After the hours that are full with screams, laughter, adrenaline, joy and thrill, you will give the quad bike back, say goodbye to the instructors and get on the vehicle that waits for to pick you up.

Then, we will take you to your hotel in Bodrum.

Upon the arrival, our Bodrum quad safari will be over successfully.

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