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Bodrum Turkish Bath session is a gem-like opportunity for ones who are fond to their comfort and health.

From Romans to Ottoman Empire era, this traditional way of bathing, the hammam culture has been shaped and has turned into its current form by carrying the main features of it:

Sending the aches and stress away and making the body and mind relaxed.

If you wonder how it can be possible in the context of “bathing”, you should explore the techniques of it by receiving that special treatment from the professional staff.

Also, it will be a nice break in your holiday journey in Bodrum and it will prepare your muscles for the new ones!

Thus, if you are already interested, you should keep reading for the details of our Turkish Bath program.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Foam Massage
Oil Massage (20 Minutes)

What is not included?

Other Massage Options & Face Masks
Food & Other Drinks

What to bring with you?

Hair Shampoo (if you want to use your own)


Get Prepared for Turkish Hammam in Bodrum

Before enjoying the joy of spoiling yourself, you should prepare your bag without forgetting the things that you will need; also, important information will follow them.

  • Unfortunately, children under 12 cannot benefit from the Bodrum Turkish Hammam session because of their sensitive anatomy.
  • For guests with health-issues and pregnancy, we suggest to advice with their doctors about enrolling in this Bodrum Turkish Bath
  • We would like to advice you to bring your swimsuit and towel; and if you want to, your shampoo, too. The other things will be provided by the facility.

To start our Turkish Hammam program, we will pick you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle at the pre-scheduled hour. Then, we will ride until we get to the facility.

The Facility

The place in where Bodrum Turkish Bath process will start and end, you will be welcomed by the professional staff warmly.

While they are introducing the session and the place, you will be able to enjoy the brilliant texture of Ottoman style of interior design to the accompaniment of the touch of modernism.

After the entrance, you will be led to the changing room to get undressed and wrap your body with a traditional cloth called “pestemal”; and you will head to the related section.

The Hot – Air Room

Bodrum Turkish Hammam program will start in a hot-air room which resembles a sauna; the main difference between them is the usage of marble:

The hot-air room of the Turkish hammam is made of marbles, and also, there are fountains to wash your body with hot water.

All of these “hotness” and steam is necessary for the next part; also, they are beneficial due to enlarging the pores and softening your skin.

Therefore, you will sit and get your body prepared.

Scrubbing & The Foam Massage

The next part takes place with the help of the professional staff: She will scrub your body with a special cleaning glove to make your skin get rid of the dead layers of it.

Then, in a mass of foam, you will lie on the warm, marble rock at the center of the room in prone position and enjoy the foam massage which will be given by the licensed masseuse.

Oil Massage

After the scrubbing session called “kese”, experienced massage therapists will enter the room and give you a 20-minute-long oil massage.

Let us give you a brilliant fact about this session:

Olive oil is used to effectively nourish the skin of your entire body.

And the facility uses only natural materials that are hand made or organic, such as the natural oils and massage equipment.

Also, the level of hygine will always be at the highest level in every step of this delightful experience.

The Herbal Tea Service

When everything is done, you will wash yourself, and then, you will enjoy a cup of herbal tea, which will be provided by the facility of Turkish Bath.

By drinking it, you will warm yourself and crown the spoiling Bodrum Turkish Hammam session.

The End of Turkish Bath in Bodrum

After getting dressed and saying goodbye to the staff of the facility, you will get on our vehicle, and we will depart from there to get to your hotel.

When we arrive, our Bodrum Turkish Bath program will be completed successfully.

Then, you will be able to get some rest or plan new things to do!

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