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Fethiye off-road safari is what you need to mix the gorgeous nature of Fethiye with high-level of adrenaline!

Addition to them, along the way, there will be laughter, fun, communication and joy to the accompaniment of breathtaking places.

Therefore, we recommend you to take the ones that you love with you, and participate in well-planned, satisfying daily event to make your holiday in Fethiye unforgettable. By keep reading, you can learn the detailed information about our off-road safari in Fethiye program.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Guiding Service
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Entrance Fee of Saklikent
Ringo Rafting
Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses


Get Prepared for Off-Road Safari in Fethiye 

Before participating in the safari, you should prepare your bag in order to prevent any misfortune through the trip.

  • Firstly, since you will be enjoying an off-road experience, there will be lots of mud and water. Therefore, we recommend you to wear “expendable” clothes and shoes. Addition to that, they should be comfortable.
  • Secondly, you should make sure that you do not forget to put your hat, sun cream, sunglasses, swimsuit, towel and camera in your bag.
  • And lastly, during off-road safari, you should protect your electronic devices from the water and mud.

At the pre-scheduled hour, we will pick you up from your hotel in Fethiye, and we will drive until we get to the starting point of Fethiye off-road safari excursion.

When we arrive, you will be able to meet the professional crew who will give detailed information about the tour; and also, you will be able to examine your strong-engined friend.

When everyone is ready, as a off-road convoy, we will take the roads!

The Ancient City of Tlos

The first stop of our Fethiye off-road safari, the ancient city of Tlos will welcome you with its treasures which come from 11.000 years ago.

Famous for the claims of being the home of Pegasus, the winged-horse in the Greek mythology, Tlos is an impressive ancient site for ones who are interested in mythology, culture and history.

Moreover, you will be able to explore the ruins and their importance thanks to our licensed and professional guide.


Next, we will go to Yakapark, a local, tiny, lovely and natural place in which you can taste delicious meals; especially the fishes.

Shortly, you will be able to walk around, sip your coffee, fill your stomach or buy some souvenirs here, and we will move.

And no need to mention, along the way, we will be passing through the natural paths that covered with mud and waters.


One of the most popular and significant locations of Fethiye; Saklikent will be our next stop in Fethiye off-road safari.

Here, you will be able to observe how perfectly the ice-cold canyon waters divide the hillsides that made of rocks.

This view which resembles an oil-painting will please your eyes, soul and mind. To enjoy the place more, you can enroll in rafting tours, walking groups or swim, if you can dare.

Patara Beach

After leaving the gem of Fethiye, we will head to the Patara Beach; in other words, our last stop of Fethiye off-road safari. With its 18-km length, white sands, sand hills, crystalized waters, Patara Beach will make you in peace.

While enjoying the landscape, you will also be able to benefit from the mud baths here to provide a calming skin care for all over your body.

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