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Fethiye sunset cruise provides breathtaking views for the nature lovers and photographers; also, with its matchless atmosphere, participating in this tour is one of the things to do in Fethiye

For hours during the cruise, the reddish sky due to the sunset, the sea sparkle, the silhouettes of the boats over the Mediterranean Sea that ornament the surface, the shining stars when the night comes, laughter, peace and elegant harmony will follow you, until the event is over.

Moreover, there will be a dinner which is prepared with delicious dishes to whet your appetite.

Combining both of them, you can easily guess that if you enroll in, you will have an unforgettable evening which will make your Fethiye journey more striking.

If you are interested in, you can read the next paragraphs to learn about the details of sunset cruise in Fethiye.

, especially as a couple.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Full Insurance
Boat Trip

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Food & Drinks

What to bring with you?

Sun Cream


Get Prepared for Sunset Cruise in Fethiye 

Before getting into the details, you should have information about the preparation session which will help you about your questions what to bring with you to the boat.

  • We highly recommend you to bring extra clothes with you; because when the night comes, the weather may get cooler.
  • Also, since there will be amazing scenes inside and outside of the boat, you should take your camera with you which is ready to immortalize that everything you see.

To start our wonderful Fethiye sunset cruise, we will pick you up from your hotel by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle in the evening.

Then, we will drive until we get to the port from where the boat departs.

As soon as we arrive, you will come aboard and meet our professional crew who will provide you one of the best nights of your life!

You will be led by them to a spot to sit, and you will be able to observe the boat as much as you can: Certainly, its luxurious design will please your eyes.

When everyone is ready to sail, the boat will start dividing the sea into pieces to the accompaniment of surfs, and the lovely journey will begin.

During the Cruise

Fethiye sunset tour, at the pre-arranged time will start to make you watch the sunset from beginning to end perfectly.

While the horizon turning to the reddish tones, you will also be able to observe the natural beauties of Fethiye such as its mountains that rise around the sea, the forests, the shores and the tiny islands.

Thus, we recommend you to get your camera ready to snap the shots!

The Dinner

Of course, during the whole time on the boat, there will be a dinner service in which the dishes have been cooked by the professional cooks.

Main courses, delicious drinks, fruits, vegetables, desserts, pilafs, salads and mezzes will be waiting for you to diversify your appetite.

Also, there will be a romantic playlist that will be your companion while you are eating the amazing examples of Turkish cuisine; thus, the dinner part will be full of pleased ears and mouths.

The Dance

When the dinner is over, the rhythm of the music will get higher; and the dance part will begin!

You and the one that you love are free to express your happiness through your body by twisting and moving it.

Since your energy will be full, while you are enjoying the dark sky and diamond-like stars, let the music reveal the professional dancer in you.

We guarantee that on our fancy boat, among the lights and lovely people, you will have fun a lot.

In the night, when the time is up, we will sail back to the port.

After saying goodbye to the crew, we will take you to your hotel by our vehicle, and our perfect Fethiye sunset cruise will be over.

(PS: The route might change on the tour day!)

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