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Fethiye Turkish night is a perfect chance to ornament your night in Fethiye with the exotic dance performances, delicious foods that will prove the significance of the Turkish cuisine all around the world, and knowledge about the unique Turkish traditions.

Even better, all of them will take a place in the same facility. As suiting to the ambiance, the place will reflect the glamorous texture of the traditional side of Turkey in which the brilliance of Ottoman era can be found.

If you are already interested, you should keep reading to learn about the entire Turkish night program.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer
Entrance Fees
Full Insurance

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?


Traditional Turkish Night in Fethiye

Since all you need to do is to have fun as much as possible during the whole night, there is no specific preparation session before the Turkish night in Fethiye.

Yet, we recommend you to bring your camera to be able to take selfies with dancers, or to immortalize their amazing shows.

In the evening, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Fethiye by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle.

After a short period of time of driving, we will get to the restaurant in where you will be charmed by the shows and the dinner.

The Dinner

In the Turkish night, the dinner service and the dance performances will be continuing in a harmony, through the night.

Yet, we will mention about the dinner first, to whet your appetite: You will clearly see that Turkish cuisine is much more beyond the “kebab”.

There will be various kinds of salads, mezzes (fresh salads made by yoghurt generally, and different ingredients), delicious hot dishes, pastries, pilafs, snacks, vegetables and fruits.

Also, there will be limitless soft drinks or alcohol.

As a recommendation, mezzes get more delicious to the accompaniment of the traditional Turkish alcohol called “rakı”, if you are open to the new tastes.

In any case, you will be filling your stomach with high-level of tastes, which will also please your appetite.

The Authentic Dance Shows

One of the most popular traditional dances of Turkish culture, the belly dance will be performed by the beautiful, amazing and aesthetic belly dancers while you are enjoying your foods and drinks.

During the show, firstly, you will become speechless in front of the beauty of their body, shining and wonderful costumes, twisting curves, snake-like moves and exciting attitude.

For hours, they will be presenting their impressive and exotic talents on the stage, and they will be even more dynamic when they see your pleasant faces.

Also, they will invite you to the stage to join them, of course, to make you their companion!

If you trust in your flexibility and dancing skills, you should definitely join them to share their attractive aura “belly to belly”.

Even if you do not like to dance, you can go after them to admire their beauty at a shorter distance.

Thus, you will love every minute of the Fethiye Turkish night, without a doubt.

The End of Turkish Night in Fethiye

When the nighttime comes and the show and the dinner end, we will pick you up from the facility to take you to your hotel.

During our way, do not hesitate to talk to us if you feel bad due to the alcohol or tiredness.

After arriving to your hotel, our Fethiye Turkish night will be over successfully.

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