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Kusadasi diving tour will crown your holiday in Kusadasi, Turkey by providing one of the most thrilling experiences of your life:

The Aegean Sea with its entire elegance will show its hidden beauties in the depths of it.

The life under the water, colorful fishes and the unique plants will be waiting for you explore and get connected to them.

If you agree on the idea that the bond between humans and nature should be strong, individually you can strengthen it in this blue paradise, below the surface.

Also, this experience will fill you with pure adrenaline as you can imagine. If you are excited already, you can keep reading to learn the details about scuba diving in Kusadasi.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Diving Equipments
Guiding Service
Training Service
Full Insurance
Snack Menu

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

Comfortable footwear
Sun Glasses

Kusadasi Scuba Diving

For a perfect Kusadasi diving tour experience, there are things to consider, and also, a preparation session before enjoying those impressive moments.

Firstly, as the safety protocols require, children under 12 years old cannot be a part of this event, unfortunately. Also, the tour is not recommended to people with cardiac diseases and to pregnant women.

Yet, there are other tour options in Kusadasi if you areinterested.

If you can enroll in, though, you should not forget to bring your swimsuit and towel. In order to protect yourself from the sunburns, you should take your hat, sunglasses and sun cream with you.

To start our Kusadasi diving excursion journey officially, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Kusadasi by our fully-equipped vehicle in the morning.

Then, we will drive until we arrive to the port from where our boat will depart.

The Meeting

When you come aboard, you will sail towards the diving point. During the voyage, there will be a meeting part between all of the guests including you and the professional, licensed diving instructors.

At this part, they will introduce themselves and also, they will inform you in details about how to use the equipment, how to stay calm, and how to communicate under the water with the help of the sign language.

Once everything is understood, you will be able to dive to the blue shades of the Aegean Sea; if you change your mind, though, you can stay on board and enjoy the warmth of the sun, or you can swim.

The Diving

The best part of Kusadasi diving will start from then on. Maximum 5 meters below the surface, you will be enjoying the freshness, thrill and fun, regardless of being inexperienced or professional at diving.

Thus, look around carefully to view a unique sea creature! For 25-35 minutes, you will be full of emotions.

The Lunch

For sure, all of these minutes will end and when you come aboard again, you will notice how hungry you are.

Therefore, we will serve you a delicious lunch to please your appetite, and also, to full your stomach and energy bar.

The End of the Diving in Kusadasi

When the time is up, you will sail back to the port. In there, a vehicle will be waiting for picking you up and take you to your hotel.

After you arrive to the related place, our Kusadasi diving tour will end; thus, you can get some rest or plan other activities to double your joy.

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