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Kusadasi Flyboard has recently become one of the most preferred water sports for adrenaline addicts in Aegean coasts!

Actually, if you take a walk along the seaside rich with golden sands, you may come across people flying over the water and see it on your own eyes.

That is the madness of Flyboard –also the gadget’s name, what leaves tourists with a crazy smile on their faces and dizziness at the end!

You’ll probably want to experience this adrenaline-filled activity during your stay in Kusadasi, especially after seeing some of the examples of it.

So, let’s talk about details.

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
 English Speaking Crew

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

 Swimsuit, Towel
 Sunglasses, Sun cream

Inspired By the Jet Ski

Flyboard was invented by Frank Zabata in 2012, who is an engineer and a lover of jet-ski. His love for jet skiing and adrenaline was so deep that he found something new…

So, the creation of this gadget was meant to be!

Getting airborne and raising 30-40 meters up from the sea thanks to the strong pressure exerted on the surface of the water, Flyboard offers you chance of standing in the air.

It will be like surfing both in the air and sea at the same time! And it is definitely worth-experiencing!

Is Flyboard Dangerous?

For sure, flying over the sea 30-40 meters high might sound a little bit risky, but it is not dangerous.

Since we check our equipment often and give you safety equipment, you will not be in any trouble.

Of course, at this point, don’t ignore the fact that all water sports have a little percentage of danger.

Yet, we’ll do anything to reduce the possibility to the minimum level.

(PS: Please don’t forget that parasailing is arranged only in favorable weather conditions. So it might be cancelled if things go bad!

Max weight to join in: 140 kg

Max height to join in: 2 meters)

Flyboard Prices in Kusadasi

After imagining the fun and excitement of Kusadasi Flyboard, the intimidating question will come to your mind:

How much is it? Well, you don’t need to worry since our prices are very affordable.

And we definitely give you the fun you deserve in return.

You can find the updated prices above for 2022.

Book online our Kusadasi Flyboard or contact us to book your adventure!

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