No Food
On the Day
15 Min Ride

Signing up for our exciting Kusadasi Jet Ski program is what you exactly need so as to feel alive!

Since we’re sure you wouldn’t want to have an ordinary vacation –because you’re currently on our page of such a thrilling activity, we can tell you will have what you deserve!

In a good way, of course…

We know you seek some fun, speed and adrenaline along with beautiful landscape of Kusadasi’s greenery and crystal-clear waters.

Jet Ski is the best way to mix all of them. So you will, and we bet it’s going to be one of the unforgettable moments of your life!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service
 Jet Ski Ride

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

 Swimsuit, Towel
 Sunglasses, Sun cream


Embrace the Speed of Your “Shark with Strong Engine”

After choosing one of the 3 sessions –it has options with different durations, booking Kusadasi Jet Ski program and meeting us finally, the most exciting minutes in Kusadasi will start.

After welcomed warmly in the beach by our crew members, you’ll be led to your “shark” which will blow your mind! Also, you will be given required equipment ensuring your safety and comfort, instructions and courage if you need some!

When you are ready to ride the waves, the journey in Aegean coasts will begin!

In this journey, you’ll feel the breeze all over your face and body, mixing your hair and whistling to your ear, and you’ll probably want more of it.

So, speed up and get it! Just make sure you’re safe and able to control your companion!

(PS: People under 18 years old cannot rent a jet-ski.

They can share the jet ski of their parents by sitting on the passenger seat.)

The Best Jet-Ski Rental in Kusadasi

We claim that we have the best Kusadasi Jet Ski rental service since we are quite experienced, friendly and have affordable prices.

So, If you decide visiting Kusadasi and do something very unique, fun, exciting and amazing, contact us! We will provide you with everything you want and need…

If jet skiing in Kusadasi is not your thing, you can view other Kusadasi tours we arrange!

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