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Kusadasi Parasailing is the giddiest way to explore Kusadasi, the pearl of Aegean coasts.

Hence you will be in a situation which is totally far from the “usual”:

While “ordinary” people swimming in sea or lying down on smooth sands and observing around, you will be flying over the sea! And you will probably add some colors to their landscape…

The love for adrenaline can make people such things, right?

Got excited? Well, it will get more intense at the end of your adventure!

What is included?

Free Hotel Transfer Service

What is not included?

Personal Spendings

What to bring with you?

 Swimsuit, Towel
 Sunglasses, Sun cream


Parasailing: The Most Unique Type of Parachuting

Safer and less intimidating than paragliding or parachuting, parasailing is what you can combine crystal-clean waters of Aegean Sea with the sense of flying.

Moreover, you can enjoy it with your beloved one (at this point, it might sound like “body-shaming” but your total weight should be under the limit!) together. In other words, parasailing is suitable for single adventurers or couples!

In this mind blowing water sport, you take a seat on your own or with your partner on a kind of swing tied up at the back of a speed boat.

Then, you wear required equipment and double-checked for your safety by the crew members. And when the captain and you are ready, the boat will start splashing calm Aegean waters and speeding up successively.

It is when you’ll start flying.

Time to Learn Some Physics with Experiencing Individually

Have you ever asked “…and where will we use this info,” to your physics teacher? If so, get ready to have an answer:

You’ll be a star of a very fun and thrilling experiment during which natural elements such as wind and water will be used to teach you the law of motion and other not- boring-anymore formulas!

We’re kidding: You are here to have an enjoyable time via Kusadasi Parasailing, not receiving a lecture.

So do it! Embrace the exciting feeling of ascending smoothly over the surface of sea! And at the highest level of the seat in the air, you’ll get stabilized and have a perspective to enjoy the delightful view promising easing your mind and soul and feasting your eyes…

Smooth conversion of excitement into peace, even for 1 minute, is worth-experiencing; and you can have it for 15 minutes or 30. So, don’t miss the chance!

The Best Parasailing Activity in Kusadasi

We claim that we have the best Kusadasi Parasailing activity since we are quite experienced, friendly and have affordable prices.

So, if you decide visiting Kusadasi someday and do something very unique, fun, exciting and amazing, contact us! We will provide you with everything you want and need…

(PS: Please don’t forget that parasailing is arranged only in favorable weather conditions. So it might be cancelled if things go bad!

Max weight to join in: 140 kg

Max height to join in: 2 meters)

If parasailing in Kusadasi is not your thing, you can view other Kusadasi tours we arrange!

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