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09:30 – 18:00

Pamukkale Day Trip is the best tour you can join in when you visit Pamukkale.

Because in this trip, you will explore the famous “Cotton Castle” and its magical features such as Pamukkale Travertines, the Ancient City of Hierapolis, Cleopatra Pool and more!

Moreover, you will be followed and led by our professional tour guides that will give you enlightening information –so get ready to expand your cultural accumulation!

If you are ready to learn where we are heading to, read below and get even more excited!

What is included?

Hotel Transfer
Bus with Full A/C
Guiding Service (EN)
Entrence fee

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Cleopatra Pool

What to bring with you?

Sun Glasses
Towel and Hat
Comfortable Shoes


The Trip Starts

We will start the day of Pamukkale Day Trip by picking you up from hotels in Pamukkale or Karahayit by our modern and comfortable tour bus.

Then, we’ll have a short and fun ride to Pamukkale and start exploring around! But first, we will enjoy a delicious breakfast!
Afterwards, we will start exploring the white lands!

Pamukkale Travertines

In this trip, of course we will have a chance to see globally-famous natural wonders called Pamukkale travertines.

Looking like gigantic stairway, we’ll learn how they were occurred, where their natural white color comes from and how old they are…

In short, you will witness the magic of nature during the walking.

The Ancient City of Hierapolis

Then, we will visit the ancient remains from once City of Roman Baths: Hierapolis.

Located at the Peak of Pamukkale Mountain and offering well-preserved structures from ages ago, Hierapolis will prepare a time travel for you.

More specifically, we will visit Great Theatre, Temple of Apollo, Agora, Martyrium of the Apostle Philip and more.

During our exploration, our guides will tell you the importance of this city especially in terms of Christianity, in particular eras.

Cleopatra Pool

In our daily Pamukkale tour, we will also visit Cleopatra Pool –an ancient pool that was occurred after a massive earthquake and thermal-water flood.

You should pay for an entrance fee to swim in there; but we suggest benefitting from this chance. Because its natural waters enriched with lots of minerals are very good for health and skin.

Thus, we’ll have some time to spend in there.

If you don’t want to swim, however, you can take its photos or get some rest in the cafes nearby.

The End of Pamukkale Day Trip

When Pamukkale Day Trip ends, we will pick you up again by our fully equipped vehicle and take you to your hotels back.

Then, you will be able to get some rest!

If you like the content, feel free to book the trip or contact us for further information!


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