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Signing up for our Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia is the perfect way to combine two very different and beautiful travel points of the region, which will create a matchless contrast:

You will depart from rocky, sharp and brown lands of Cappadocia, and get to the white and “flat” area of Salt Lake.

That is why, probably, you will feel a little bit dazed, because this transition will definitely make you charmed.

We have many reasons that makes Salt Lake unique and significant, and we will tell you all of them.

Yet, before, we would like to share the things that you might expect from this Salt Lake Tour, because we gather many things up for you, even if the emphasis is on the beauty of Salt Lake.

Now, if you are ready to cleanse your eyes, mind and soul, we will provide you with detailed information about one of the most “peaceful” tours of all Turkey tours.

What is included?

A pick up and drop back services by A/C transportations (From/to in-city hotels)

What is not included?

Personal expenses

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes

What Can You Expect from Salt Lake Excursion?

First of all, during our Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia, we will be exploring some of the breathtaking underground cities which are located along our way and getting interesting and enjoyable information by our professional guides.

Thus, you can expect from expanding your cultural accumulation in a day!

Then, you can expect having the ultimate peace, because we will spend a couple of hours in Salt Lake and observe its untouched beauty.

And also, we will have a delicious lunch that will refill our energy bars!

The Rock-carved Cities Under the Ground

After picking you up from your hotel in Cappadocia, we will have a comfortable ride to Salt Lake which might last for 2 hours.

Of course, we will not make this ride a boring one, and to do so, we will stop by an underground city called Tatlarin Underground City.

In there, you will be able to catch the same vibe that Cappadocia gives: mysterious and historical.

We will walk in its corridors, enter its main rooms and enjoy the mystery of the “hidden” lives of ancient people in that era.

In brief, you will feel the excitement every step that you take.

Salt Lake: A Paradise on Earth

After our guided-visit under the ground, we will head to the core of our daily Salt Lake excursion: Salt Lake.

Being known as Tuz Gölü in Turkish, this lake signifies its name by containing a lot of salt, minerals and very beneficial other chemicals.

Actually, it is one of the richest lakes of the world: It provides 300 thousand tons of salt in a year.

Of course, when we get there, we will not benefit from its productivity; we will enjoy its beauty.

Its whiteness, purity and warm waters will create such a pretty scenery that you will never get tired of taking photos of it.

The relaxing environment, fresh air and the matchless feeling of being in this paradisiacal place will reveal the artist in you. Thus, do not forget to bring your camera, and get ready to be inspired!

The Best Salt Lake Tour

If you would like to enjoy the best Salt Lake Tour from Cappadocia, you should be one of our lovely guests!

Because, simply, all of your expectations will be met by us, and you will make your vacation in Turkey totally unforgettable!

To learn more details about this program or other Cappadocia excursions, you can contact us 7/24; we will gladly help you.

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