This latest version of SQL Server uses the CPUs AVX-512 instruction set to improve
batch mode operations. This is something to consider when choosing the right CPU
for your new server. Now the UNMASK permission adds more granularity allowing you to grant this permission
at the database, schema, table, and even column levels. Performance improvements due to added support for multithreading inside the enclave
and key caching. Beginning with SQL Server 2012, Microsoft has launched a new release of SQL Server
every two years at most.

sql server 2014 new features for dba

This engine provides a lock and latch free environment for OLTP workloads. It is fully integrated into SQL Server and accessed using standard T-SQL. Contrary to other products in
the market,
Hekaton is not a separate system, it is part of the SQL Server Database Engine. Hekaton enables you to use both disk based tables and Memory-Optimized Tables together in the same queries and
stored procedures.

How to Use Databases With Python

In-memory OLTP was introduced in SQL Server 2014, but greatly improved in SQL Server 2016. If you have a heavily-used transaction-processing that is processing a lot of data, it is definitely worth considering the new ‘In-Memory’ features of SQL Server 2016. The ALTER INDEX command ran with REBUILD has a new COLUMNSTORE_ARCHIVE compression option for your data. By specifying this option you will further compress the partitions of a columnstore index that you will also specify in the query. Columnstore indexes is another card in the suite of high-performance technologies that use in-memory processing.

sql server 2014 new features for dba

For example, if your primary role supports an OLTP solution and the secondaries
are used for reporting, now you can have two distinct query stores for the different
workload types. Microsoft Purview is a data governance solution that eases data administration
across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. Now you can apply access policies,
including the new “SQL Performance Monitor”, and “SQL Security
Auditor” roles to instances. SQL Server 2022 allows you to connect SQL Server instances to an Azure SQL Server
managed instance, allowing you to offload read-only workloads to the cloud. A secure enclave is a memory space on the server where data can be accessible unencrypted and gives you more control over your encrypted data. The engine now has classification built-in and a new T-SQL interface to help you classify your data to meet compliance standards.

SQL Server 2014 Security Enhancements

However, Windows Server clusters have a type of drive volume called Clustered Shared Volumes with much more flexibility. Multiple cluster nodes can be connected to the same volume at the same time, but each node can access different files on the drive independently. Windows and Hyper-V have supported this for a while (see the BOL section on the benefits), and now SQL Server sql server 2014 new features for dba supports it too. The big benefit here is that if one node of the SQL Server cluster loses connectivity to the storage, it can still read and write data over the network to a different node’s SAN connection. Sometimes software vendors launch new versions of their products with minimal improvements with the sole purpose of maintaining visibility amongst competitors.

  • The OLTP tables are copied to memory and are made durable by writing transaction logs to disk.
  • When enabled, ADR uses a Persisted Version Store for tracking changes that allow for rolling back long-running transactions instantaneously.
  • Resource Governor now supports management of IO as well as CPU and Memory that were previously supported.

For a while SQL Server has had a method to automatically update statistics when the database engine feels they are out of date. With the introduction of SQL Server 2014 Microsoft has made enhancements to the algorithm that determines when statistics are out of date. This means that statistics will be invalidated sooner, which will lead to the triggering of the update statistics process. By updating statistics more often SQL Server will be able to create better optimized query plans.

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