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Dolphin Swim & Watch | Everyday



Special excursion to Marmaris Dolphin Park could be as entertaining as visiting a wild life sanctuary. It is quite known that dolphins are friendly to human species and have a separate mode of communication located in their nose. Dolphins too make sounds. However, the sound is in higher frequency range, which makes it inaudible to human hears. Marmaris Dolphin Park allow visitors to get rendezvous with dolphins. In fact, dolphins are mammals like humans. It means they give birth to their own kind just like humans do.

Get wet with a dolphin and learn about them in an unique way, spending some time in their element and getting to know them.

Get kissed, touch and dance with the dolphin to maximize both yours and the dolphin’s enjoyment


Meet a dolphin:

if you ve always wanted the chance to touch a dolphin,this is for you!join the trainer on the platform to shake flippers with your new dolphin friend! give the dolphin a little backrub to experience what a dolphin feels like while the dolphin gets a change to relax and enjoy…dance,play with ring and ball,feed himfish get kisses aso.

Watch the dolphins(45 minutes):

Visit our dolphin therapy center and see the dolphins,get a chance to learn about them and take some memorable photos..children under 6 years old free,children 7-10 discounted 30 % (must be accompained by an adult)

every day: 9:30- 11:30- 13:30-15:00-17:00





Watch the Dolpins 15 €
Meet a Dolphin  40€
Swim With the Dolphins  80€


Price per Adult       :     74 £

Price per Child       :     74 £

Price per Infant      :     0


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