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Ephesus Tour from Bodrum is a perfect, content-rich program which will allow you to visit one of the most popular tourist attractions of Turkey.

Since it is labeled as a World Heritage by UNESCO, the ancient city of Ephesus should be seen by everyone all around the world; and especially when you are already in Turkey, you should not miss the chance for benefitting from a fulfilling destination from Bodrum to Ephesus by enrolling in our program.

In a day, you will be able to ornament your vacation in Turkey by collecting information about history and culture of important civilizations and figures.

Especially if you are interested in mythology, you will get to one of the main sources of it in the boundaries of Turkey.

Thus, let us give information about the whole content step by step.

What is included?

Professional Licensed English Speaking Guide
Free Hotel Transfer
Open Buffet Lunch
Full Insurance

What is not included?

House of Virgin Mary Entrance Fee
Ephesus Entrance Fee
Personal Expenses
Drinks at Lunch

What to bring with you?

Sun Cream
Comfortable Shoes
Comfortable Clothing


Get Prepared for Ephesus Day Trip from Bodrum

Before getting into the details about the places that we will visit through the Bodrum Ephesus tour, we will give some information about the things that you should know before departing.

First of all, Ephesus tour requires a lot of walking (by that we will be able to explore deeply), thus, it is not suitable for the guests with walking difficulties.

Secondly, since we will be walking under the sun, to protect yourelf from the harmful effects of the sun rays, you should bring your hat, sun cream and sunglasses with you.

Thirdly, you may want to bring some snacks and a bottle of water with you.

And lastly, to be able to enjoy the tour to the fullest, you should wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

To start our Ephesus tour from Bodrum, we will pick you up from your hotel in Bodrum by our fully-equipped tour bus in the morning. When you get on the bus, you will meet our licensed and professional guide who will give detailed information about the places that we will see; thus, the 2-hour ride will be entertaining and informative.

The Breakfast Nearby the Bafa Lake

The first stop of tour will be a local restaurant near the Bafa Lake, both for having a break and having a delicious breakfast.

By paying for an extra fee, you will be able to enjoy an open buffet breakfast. If you do not want to pay, you can eat the things that you have brought with you.

Turkish Delight Factory

Since we will lose lots of energy while exploring the textures of anciency, we will visit a Turkish Delight factory as a sweet start.

In there, you will be able to observe the process of creating those delicious, smooth cubes step by step.

In the facility, you will also be able to purchase them. Then, we will head to our next stop.

House of Virgin Mary

Next in our Bodrum Ephesus tour, we will head to House of Virgin Mary.

The house is made of rocks completely and it is important due to some claims which supports that Mary has lived her last days in this house.

While learning the entire story by our guide, you will feel that you are a special traveler because of witnessing that ambiance of this holy place.

The Ancient City of Ephesus

After leaving the House behind, we will get to the main core of our Bodrum Ephesus tour, Ephesus, the ancient site.

Carrying the striking textures of Romans in its ruins such as columns, baths, gates, streets, altars, temples, marbles, theaters and libraries; Ephesus is a world heaven for knowledge seekers about the life in ancient times.

In a very large area we will walk, and have the related information about the important sections of the site such as The Library of Celsus, the grand open-air theatre, The Odeon, The Temple of Hadrian, The Temple of the Sebastoi, The Tomb of Pollio, Basilica of St. John and more.

Briefly, there will be many things to observe and learn, and you will be capable of completing both of them.

When we expand our minds and cultural accumulation, we will get on the bus and depart from Ephesus to Bodrum. After 2-hour ride, you will get to your hotel and our satisfying Ephesus tour will end successfully.

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