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Daily Kusadasi Turkish Bath program will help you to enjoy one of the ancient traditions of Turkish culture and to explore the reason behind this permanence.

Even before Ottoman Empire era, the basics of the “hammam” tradition were there; according to the claims, in the Roman era.

Since it is both relaxing and healthy, it has never lost its popularity:

People who want to get the stress and tiredness off have been preferring to benefit from the opportunities of the Turkish Bath culture since then.

Only by enrolling in hammam in Kusadasi, you can be one of them; at the end, you will see the reason behind this world-wide popularity of Turkish Bath culture.

What is included?

Hotel Transfer (Both Ways)
Steam room
Salt room
Foam massage

What is not included?

Personal Spendings
Other Massages

What to bring with you?

Hair Shampoo (if you want to use your own)


Turkish Hammam in Kusadasi

Before giving the details about the program, we would like to advice you about the Kusadasi Turkish Bath session:

Since the environment will be hot and full of steam, if you have some health issues, you should consult to your doctor.

If everything is okay, though, the only thing you should do is to bring your swimsuit and camera to enjoy the peaceful time to the fullest.

Firstly, to start the program, we will pick you up from the hotel that you stay in Kusadasi by our fully-equipped, modern and comfortable vehicle, and we will drive until we get to the Turkish Bath.

When we arrive and you enter there, you will be charmed since the place reflects the hybrid of the modernity and authenticity at the same time.

To coalescence to the concept, you will wear your swimsuit and a pair of slippers, you will get your towel and be leaded to the sauna by the professional staff, in where your Turkish Hammam session begins.

Hot-Air Room

At the first step of your Kusadasi Hammam session, you will be sitting in a hot-air room which will remind you a sauna.

Yet, it is much better than the sauna. Since the room is made of marbles and there are fountains that provides hot water to wash yourself if you want.

In order to prepare your body for the next steps by enlarging your pores and softening your skin, you will stay there for a while.

Scrubbing & The Foam Massage

To get rid of the dead layers of the skin, you will be scrubbed by the professional and licensed staff who uses a “kese”, the traditional bath-glove.

This session will make your skin look prettier and smoother with the natural sparkles on it.

Also, it is very beneficial for reviving the blood circulation and for helping to the defeating some of the skin diseases.

After the scrubbing part, you will be enjoying the foam massage which will be provided by a professional masseuse.

Among a mass of foam, you will have one of the most beautiful moments of your life; since you will be able to relax your body, mind and soul at the same time; to cleanse the negativity and stress; and to freshen!

This, the best part of the Kusadasi Turkish Bath session, will end when you are washed and cleaned.

Of course, If you cannot get enough of it, you can purchase extra treatments such as massages with special oils before leaving the facility. By paying an extra cost, you will be able to double the pleasure.

The End of the Turkish Bath in Kusadasi

When you feel like you are as light as a piece of cotton and ready to go, we will pick you up from the Turkish Hammam to take you to your hotel in Kusadasi.

After a comfortable ride, we will drop you and end our amazing Kusadasi Turkish Hammam program.

If you like the content of the program, you can book it online to crown your Kusadasi journey with what you totally deserve. For the further information, you can always contact us, too.

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