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In these unique landscapes, Red Valley hiking in Cappadocia is one of the best ideas to explore there deeply; especially, if you have professionals to lead and inform you, with the companion of the breathtaking views during your walking session.

Thus, if you enroll in our hiking tour in ,Cappadocia program on our way, you will gather knowledge of the outstanding carved churches which have significant marks on Christianity, and underground cities which will surprise and excite you a lot with their historical background.

Therefore, it can be easily said that every step that you will take in the extent of this tour will worth your efforts, tiredness and aching muscles.

What is included?

Transportation by a comfortable AC non smoking Luxurious car/Van with professional driver
Professional and experienced licensed guide during the tours
Entry fees to the sites and museums
Parking fees
Lunch in a local restaurant
Tips to restaurant
All taxes

What is not included?

Personal expenses
Tips to guide, driver and hotel personnel

What to bring with you?

Comfortable shoes
Warm clothing
Money for personal expenses


Red Valley Hiking & Underground City Tour in Cappadocia

After picking you up from the hotel that you stay, we will depart to reach to our first point in our Red Valley hiking and Underground City tour program called “Red Valley”.

It is a very popular place in the boundaries of Cappadocia because of having many different and bizarre types of chimneys, which are the best objects of landscape photography, if you are interested.

Yet, of course, there is more to learn and see: Another uniqueness about the rocks is their rose-reddish tone; thus, as you easily can guess, the name of valley comes from here:

You will feel like you are walking into a rosery made of rocks.

The sunset, especially, is the thing that highlights the beauty of it like it mirrors from the horizon on the rocks (or from the rocks to the horizon; you cannot decide).


We will be hiking for 4 kilometers and then, we will arrive to Cavusin, which is one of the most underrated parts of Cappadocia.

It is a source of information about the background of Christianity both for the world and Turkey.

In B.C 56, some religious men have lived there: After the pressure of Romans, they escaped to there, lived in the chapels by carving the rocks which will look like eaten leaves by worms later, and prayed to their god and Jesus by hiding.

In that particular area, the spread of the Christianity has been intense and fast.

When romans officially choose to select Christianity, then the monks start to build churches without hiding from them and Church of St. John The Baptist is a good and the first example of it.

Therefore, with all glory and historical background, Cavusin waits for you to explore there.

The Lunch

After all of these informative, fun, exciting sessions of Red Valley hiking tour, we all deserve to eat delicious dishes which will provide us the energy that we have lost and will need to see other places.

Thus, during our lunch time, enjoy one of the most popular cuisines of the world, Turkish cuisine, among the rocks, chimneys, dusty roads, valleys and of course, balloons.

(Kaymaklı) Ozkonak Underground City

In Avanos, a district of Nevsehir, there is a gate that opens to the underworld; not because of Hades, it is because of the ancient people who have tried to protect themselves.

The largest underground city of Cappadocia, Ozkonak Underground City dates back to BC 400 (specifically, the Byzantine era), and it has been made of carved and shaped the “tofu” rock by humans in that time of period.

Their main reason was to protect themselves from the invasions and warriors; thus, they have even used traps inside of the corridors of the city.

And you, as a visitor, are lucky; because there is no trap at all; we can freely travel with our English speaker guide who will also introduce the sections of this huge sanctuary.

Pigeon Valley

Over the Pigeon Valley, the balloons are floating at the sky, to impress you with its amazing view.

Welcome to the most popular travel and photography point of Cappadocia; Pigeon Valley, also, another hiking point of our tour.

Here, you will find thousands of ancient pigeon nests, carved in rocks, and they have been here since the 9th century.

Because people have witnessed that pigeon droppings have been an effective manure for viticulture, they have built their homes near these nests.

And today, there is a striking view of all of these carved structures that ornament the whole mountain.

Of course, still there are various types of pigeons even today, fly around to protect their ancestors’ souls.

Ortahisar Castle

At the last stop of our tour, we will visit one of the highest points of Cappadocia, Ortahisar Castle (1200-meter-altitude and 86-meters-height).

Addition to that, it also has a significant place for the historical and cultural background of the place, since the castle used successively by Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

Once the strategical position of the defense of the castle is now the location of watching all over the Ortahisar neighborhood, the balloons, brownish bizarre landscape and of course, the famous chimneys.

Speaking of the chimneys, Ortahisar Castle is the biggest fairy chimney of Cappadocia. To sum up, by visiting one point, you will gather many different kinds of information.

Briefly, by enrolling in our Red Valley Hiking in Cappadocia, during your hiking, you will walk in the unique nature of the valleys and buried cities, and have detailed and satisfying information about cultural and historical background of this cradle of civilizations.

Let us provide you the best destination with enjoyable travel points and knowledge. For your further questions, you can contact us without hesitation; or, if you want to see different types of Cappadocia excursions or events, you can easily visit here.

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